b'Who can be a supervisor?A person may be a supervisor if they are an Australian legal practitioner and are currently practising and:yhold a full practising certificate as a legal practitioner;y hold a restricted practising certificate as a legal practitioner which they have held for 2 years; yare a judge; are a tribunal member who is a legal practitioner; ory yare a person who does not hold a practising certificate but is eligible to do so andwho provides acceptable written submission that satisfy the Committee that they can provide appropriate practical experience.If a supervisor holds a practising certificate outside Australia they may be eligible to be a supervisor for the additional period (see rule 8).A supervisor must be of good standing in the legal profession or make full disclosure which establishes why they should not be excluded as a supervisor. What do you need to do to provide work experience?Can you provide the opportunity for a law student or graduate to:yexperience the delivery of legal services in a real-world context;yapply knowledge and skills to real-life problems; yunderstand the importance of clear communication, identification of clients problems and effective and efficient advice; andyunderstand how legal practice professional operate?If you can answer yes to these questions, then you can provide a work experience opportunity.How long a period do you need to provide?You may provide part of, or the full 15 days or 75 days depending on the students choice of work experience option. It is up to your particular circumstances and needsThe students options are:Format StructureShort 15 days of approved work experience + Clinical Experience ModuleStandard 75 days of approved work experienceStudents must complete a minimum 15 days work experience within Australia either concurrently with or after the Coursework component and accrued at a minimum of 2 days per week (which can be made up of 4 half days).Students can complete any remaining work experience before, during or after the Coursework component accrued at a minimum of 1 day per week. A day is 7 working hours and a half day is 4 working hours.The College of Law 3'