The College of Law 6 College students on unpaid approved work experience placements are insured for personal injury and civil liability. You can request a copy of our Certificates from Very little – essentially three forms. The Work Experience Supervisor needs to sign the Work Experience Application for Approval of Placement Form at the start of the placement. If the student is working variable days per week then we ask that the form have an annexure, signed by you, listing the days worked or to be worked. At the end of the placement, the Work Experience Supervisor should sign the Work Experience Declaration Form. The student must submit the form to the College. If, in one work experience placement a student has more than one supervisor, each supervisor must complete the second page of the Work Experience Application for Approval of Placement Form and a Work Experience Declaration Form. Insurance Is there a lot of paperwork? If a student is completing the 75-day work experience option, the student must complete a work experience journal for the minimum 15 day period which must be signed by you as the approved Work Experience Supervisor.