b'Who can provide work experience?The College recognises that appropriate practical experience can be gained in a wide range of places, including:ya solicitor or barrister in private practice;ya government, semi-government or corporate legal office or department, employeror employee association;ya judge to carry out legal research and provide legal services; ya tribunal member (who is a legal practitioner) to carry out legal research andprovide legal services; and ya Community Legal Centre.Work experience can be undertaken in any Australian jurisdiction. Overseas placements may be approved in some circumstances. Please see the Work Experience rules.Who can be a supervisor?A person may be a supervisor if they are an Australian legal practitioner and are currently practising and:yhold a full practising certificate as a legal practitioner; y hold a restricted practising certificate as a legal practitioner which they have held for 2 years;yare a judge;yare a tribunal member who is a legal practitioner; oryare a person who does not hold a practising certificate but is eligible to do so andwho provides acceptable written submission to satisfy the Committee they can provide appropriate practical experience. If your supervisor holds a practising certificate issued outside Australia they may be eligible as a supervisor for the additional period (see rule 8).A supervisor must be of good standing in the legal profession or makefull disclosure which establishes why they should not be excluded as a supervisor. What is the role of the work experience supervisor?The role of supervisor goes beyond supervision to include coaching, counselling, mentoring, delegation and appraisal. The supervisors role is to aid your development by providing opportunities to:yapply legal knowledge and skills to the resolution of real-life legal problems;yexperience the routines, procedures and dynamics of the delivery of legal services; and yunderstand the processes of becoming a professional, including the majority of:significant contact with external or in-house clients;drafting documents;legal research; andusing a file management system. The lessons learned from a good supervisor will last throughout your career. A rewarding and enjoyable placement can be an important step to becoming a competent and motivated practitioner.The College of Law 3'