b'InsuranceCollege students on unpaid approved work experience placements are insured for personal injury and civil liability. You can request a copy of our Certificates from support@collaw.edu.auHow to have your work experience approvedSimply follow the following steps for every placement: 6. After completing every placement, submit a Work Experience 1.Read the Work Experience Rules; Declaration Form and work experience journal (where applicable), 2.signed by your approved supervisor to the College via email or Provide your supervisor with a copy of the Work Experiencepost. If completing the Short Format, please also submit the CEM Supervisor Guide to read;enrolment form.3.Download and complete in full the Work Experience Application support@collaw.edu.au orfor Approval of Placement Form. If you are working variable days per week during your placement, we ask that the form have anStudent Servicesannexure, signed by your supervisor, listing the days worked or toThe College of Lawbe worked;PO Box 24.Submit your Work Experience Application for Approval ofSt Leonards NSW 2065 Placement Form (signed by your supervisor) via email oror DX 3316 St Leonards. post either before or as soon as possible after you startIf you have more than one supervisor in a work experienceyour placement;placement, each supervisor must complete a second page of a 5.We will advise you of the outcome of your application; and Work Experience Application for Approval of Placement Form and a Work Experience Declaration Form. If you are undertaking the 75 day work experience option you must complete and submit a work experience journal for the minimum period (i.e. work experience totaling 15 days within Australia either concurrently or after the Coursework component). 6 The College of Law'