b'What type of support should be provided?To help develop your skills, a supervisor should: yanswer questions which arise;yprovide opportunities to observe and review the exercise ofyassign tasks and work with an increasing degree of difficulty; professional skills by experienced practitioners; yensure there is enough but not too much work;ygive feedback and guidance on work; yprovide work which requires the use of a range of different skills;yprovide any necessary support; and y create an environment where a student feels comfortable about ygive opportunities to discuss problems. asking questions;yprovide regular guidance and feedback on performance;We suggest that supervisors: yensure that achievements and improvements are recognised and praised;ygive work and tasks that are well defined; yensure that aspects of performance which require improvement ygive clear instructions and check that they have been understood; are thoroughly discussed; andyprovide sufficient factual background; yencourage self-development.yprovide a realistic framework for completion of work tasks;Suggested work experience activitiesWhile the opportunities a work experience placement might provide will vary depending on the type of organisation, here are some examples of the type of activities you should experience, both hands-on and by observation. It is not necessary that the placement addresses all of these activities, merely the majority.yMeeting, communicating and interacting with clients;yLegal research and legal factual analysis; yFile managementmanaging critical dates and deadlines,yConsidering professional responsibility issues;timetabling and schedules; yDrafting correspondence and legal documents; yInteracting with other legal service providers such as solicitors inyFinancial and accounting systems, budgets; andother organisations, barristers, expert witnesses, courts and otheryAdministrative activities which support the delivery of justice section administration; legal services.yManagement processes for client work and risk managemente.g. conflict checks and costs disclosure;4 The College of Law'